Wealth Management


BCP Expertise Fund

BCP's Swiss registered umbrella fund

BCP has launched the first class of shares of its "BCP Emerging Markets Fixed Income Fund (USD)" under the Bank's Swiss umbrella fund called "BCP Expertise Fund" at the beginning of 2013, in order to offer its clients the Bank's specific expertise in this important asset class.

Over a period of more than 50 years, BCP has developed significant expertise in the field of emerging markets fixed income securities, as a result of the numerous contacts and strong relationships that the bank has established in emerging markets subsequent to its trade finance activity. After having employed this expertise in its own financial investments portfolio with excellent returns, BCP decided to share its proven competence with its Wealth Management clients, in response to a perceived need for diversification, especially from smaller clients. Indeed, this promising asset class requires strong diversification in order to offer the investor an appropriate risk/return ratio. By creating this fund, BCP solved the problem of diversification for its smaller clients, allowing all its clients to invest in this asset class in the safest possible way, regardless of the size of their portfolio.

Moreover, in recognition of its strong organization, management and control capabilities, BCP has been authorized to act as the custodian bank of its fund by the Swiss regulatory authorities.

Managed in-house by our fixed income specialists, BCP's fund benefits from the Bank's in-depth knowledge of emerging countries and their financial sectors, acquired in the course of the Bank's other core activities.


Disclaimer: The management company of the BCP Expertise fund has not required any authorization to distribute this fund outside Switzerland. Furthermore, the shares of the fund cannot be offered, sold or delivered inside the US territory or to US persons.